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Due to the presence of testing equipment and underwater cabling, trawling will not be possible within the test zones, helping to preserve fish stocks. SEPA is committed to giving the project its full backing so that Scotland can reach its renewable energy targets. Kaisha Atakhanova, a 47-year-old biologist from Kazakhstan has won the Goldman Environmental Prize for a five-year campaign against her own government and their policy of allowing other countries to dispose of nuclear waste into Kazakhstan – in exchange for money.

As long as nuclear fuel and nuclear arms are being developed there will always be waste – and there will always be a dilemma of where to dump. The plan for the nation’s first commercial biofuel is now awaiting Cabinet approval as the first step in taking a biofuel bill to parliament and making it law. Vietnam, facing a power shortage as demand grows by 17 percent a year, has launched a campaign to cut electricity consumption by 10 percent. Public lighting is to be dimmed and air conditioners at state agencies set at 25 degrees Celsius, the Nhan Dan daily reported recently, citing a directive from Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

ung also called on people to reduce the use of air-conditioners, water heaters and irons in their homes during the peak hours in the evenings. However, experts and officials said severe outages experienced in the north were nearly over, after rains brought more water to the Hoa Binh hydro-electric power plant, Vietnam’s biggest. Read More: Conveyancer Melbourne – Wrpwa

The economy lost around $3 million a day due to the power shortage in May this year, and the situation has forced the Vietnamese authorities to buy more power from China and plan 60 additional power plants by 2020. As debate rages across Europe over whether it’s realistic, or even possible, to implement the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives, the Norwegians are already breaking their own targets, collecting and reprocessing over 90% of their electronic and electrical waste in an environmentally responsible manner in the last year.

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1The list of capital project expenditures is used to update the Capital Facilities Plan element of the Bellingham Comprehensive Plan. Capital equipment expenditures include funds for the purchase, make-ready or upgrade of major equipment. Major equipment is defined as equipment with a per-unit cost ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the type of equipment. Capital equipment purchases are not included in the Bellingham Comprehensive Plan. Expenditures for asset maintenance which are not paid from REET funds are not considered capital expenditures. They are included in the capital section because they frequently involve large dollar amounts or complex projects which require individual review by department heads, City administration and the City Council.

The WWTP operates under a NPDES permit which identifies capacity limits under various parameters. See also the Annual Sewer Conveyance Upgrades project for additional work to be done in conjunction with this facility expansion. This project is the design and construction of roads, intersections, utilities and bridges throughout a variety of locations in the 220 acres of the W aterfront District, including a reserve for future work.

Although we have estimated linear feet cost, we will not know current cost until updated costs come in from the contractor providing us with anticipated future maintenance costsWet Weather Peak Flow Facility; control combined sewer overflows waterfront to Bellingham Bay includes options for siting facility; opportunities for combining with waterfront development; railroad track relocation and underground utility conflicts; cost estimates for construction, operating, maintenance factors. Although we have estimated linear feet cost, we will not know current cost until updated costs come in from the contractor providing us with anticipated future maintenance costs.

This project will provide the final on-street connection for the long-planned Whatcom Creek Trail system between Lake Whatcom and Bellingham Bay. Robert W Bowen – Enact Conveyancing Melbourne Further traffic analysis will determine if a signal or roundabout will be utilized. Pedestrian safety and transit access will be improved with this project. Removal and replacement of culverts to remove fish blockages, per Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife guidelines. Includes project identification and design. Maintenance costs should decrease during flood periods.

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We have not yet launched an organised campaign to educate the public about what to dispose of and not to dispose of down drains, toilets and catchbasins, but we have put out a couple of items which we hope will catch people’s attention and perhaps start to get our message across.

One is a double-sided card handout with instructional photos advising the public on the correct ways to dispose of grease, cooking oil and used motor oil. Apollution-reduction plan that allowed power plants to trade, sell, or bank the right to emit sulphur dioxide has reduced concentrations and saved money for power plants the State of New York (we have 14 treatment plants in New York City. )Scotland, like France, has taken the approach of targeting measures where they are most required in specific NVZs.

The Ythan and Balmalcolm (a groundwater zone in Fife) are currently the only NVZ in Scotland. But there is growing evidence of raised levels of nitrate in Angus (Lunan Water, Brothock Burn, Elliot Water, Barry Burn and Monikie Burn), Fife (the River Eden and Kenly Water), Borders (the Eye Water and Eden Water), and also in some groundwaters, which may lead to extending NVZ designations in Scotland. I am a fourth-year student at Strathclyde University studying Immunology and Microbiology, currently working on my honours project. Recently I read a press release on the Internet about the river Ythan’s designation as a nitrate vulnerable zone (NVZ).

I have a special interest in this because I grew up in the area and my honours project involves the study of nitrate-reducing bacteria and their application in the removal of nitrate from nitrate-rich landfill leachate. Unfortunately, the press release on the Internet did not give much information, other than that the river had been designated a nitrate vulnerable zone. I would like to know what concentrations of nitrate are necessary for this designation and any other related information you may have. I would really appreciate any help you could give me, especially since my parents still live in Aberdeenshire and I regularly visit the area. Read Morel: E Conveyancing Melbourne

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It is a hop-on hop-off service covering the 73-mile length of the wall between Newcastle and Carlisle, stopping at all the main Roman sites, as well as local accommodation. One of the wonderful things about the Hadrian’s Wall sights is that there is almost no restriction on movement: BC Machinery – Enact Settlement Agents Perth you can walk anywhere, examining, imagining or just playing. The luscious green hills of Northumberland roll past the window as we sit clutching our Roaming Roman’s Quiz on bus AD122 – named for the year in which Emperor Hadrian ordered the building of his famous wall “to separate the Romans and the Barbarians”.

First stop, Chesters, with its remains of a real Roman bath house, and where the boys have an excellent game of hide and seek. We wander along the once porticoed walkway of the fort HQ to the arched strong room (still intact) where the soldiers collected their pay. Just beyond is a well and, to the amusement of the boys, a paving stone engraved with a large penis. This is not pornographic graffiti, but a perfectly respectable Roman symbol to ward off evil spirits.

A few miles on, in a commanding hill-top position, stands Housesteads, the most intact fort, with numerous buildings and the surrounding wall still giving a sense of its original size and shape. The seats are gone but the communal loo, where Roman soldiers sat and chatted, is still here – with two massive hand basins and a gully for rinsing your bum sponge. Less than a couple of miles from the wall, the bus stops at Vindolanda, an extraordinary place, not to be missed. It was here in the 1970s that digging beneath the known stone fort revealed the first “Vindolanda tablets”.

The Roaming Romans quiz had been largely forgotten, but we had most certainly Roamed the Romans. There are the honeymooners, and, related to these, the wedding-anniversary celebrators, both looking for romantic breaks in picturesque accommodation, with roaring fires and early, dark nights. We found a corner seat in the fore saloon, surrounded by brass and wood fittings, and let the thrum of the ship’s motor lull Masha into a doze.

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In order to avoid excessive demands on national bodies to send staff to regular meetings taking place in 43 local areas, Category 2 groups will be permitted in regulations to nominate appropriate representatives to act on behalf of more than one company.The Government appears to have Best Conveyancing adopted a pragmatic approach and we find nothing in the consultation in this respect which we disagree with.

Others who were undecided commented that, until the draft regulations were available, it was difficult to assess with any accuracy the costs of implementing the Bill proposals. was their observation that it concentrated almost entirely on the impact on the private sector and failed to take account of the suggested additional burdens for Category 1 responders. Even those Category 2 bodies which are most critical of the estimated additional costs in the Partial RIA, welcome the Bill.

They do not draw the conclusion that they should be removed from Category 2. It is agreed that funding through Civil Defence Grant is not appropriate and that a new method of funding local authorities for this area of activity is required. Those respondents who felt that specific grant should be retained wanted assurance that resources will always reach their intended target in their entirety. It was commented that transferring the specific grant into the RSG would lead to inconsistencies.

As the level of spending allocated to civil protection could vary from local authority to local authority. Specific grant, it was suggested, meant that funding could be protected from internal and external pressures.It was suggested that if shire districts are to carry out civil protection activity they should be eligible for funding from the RSG.

The policy of the Government and of the Local Government Association is that pressure for specific grant generally should be resisted. They both support transfer to RSG in this particular case.Local authorities should be free to make their own assessment of priorities in light of their statutory functions.

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Despite a volatile stock market and problems in the Far East, real estate continues to be attractive to institutions. John Stephen explains “Although the financial fall-out in the Far East removed a number of key players from the UK scene, the institutions are seeing additional competition from well-financed US and continental European sources. The LIK as an investment destination is robust and compares favourably with other European countries.

These figures disguise the money that institutions, where they are unwilling or unable to make new purchases through open competition, are spending by focusing on extracting performance from their existing portfolios Malcolm Nalsh concludes, “Portfolios are being managed actively and revenue received from selling ex-growth stock, often by way of portfolio sales to property companies, is being reinvested in the sector.

Nearly 50% of call centre operators forecast their call centre throughput would increase by 15% or more over the next 12 months after good telecommunications. Michael Haddock, Senior Researcher of Grimley said, “The most surprising results from the survey was the actual size of the call centres 60% of those replying to our questionnaire ran call centres with less than 50 staff.

However, large call centres still represent the majority of demand for staff and property Call centres with more than 200 employees represent 61% of ail employment in Call centres. The results of our survey suggest that the demand from call centre operators will be for a number of different types of property, and not restricted to the large, stand alone units, which have received the greatest press coverage.

Grimley undertook the research to spotlight the current and future requirements of the call centre sector and identify areas where their property requirements were not being adequately satisfied Jeremy Brookes, National Head of Call Centres for Grimley said, “This research provides us with the means to move forward in terms of providing clients with the right property to suit their growing requirements and the in right location This sector is undergoing an explosive surge in growth and call centre operators are required to make rapid changes to their expanding environment in order to adapt and grow Brisbane Conveyancing.

As Andrew Richards comments ‘There is a certain irony about it! For both Steve and myself, its a bit like coming home Bridges are one of the few remaining independent agents in Reading. and., far from suffering the fate of some of the major corporate chains which sprung up in the 1980’s and subsequently sprung down again in the 1990’s Whereas the major corporates are governed and restricted by endless policy memos we are able to react to the market.

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Whatever markets we think are available to us He continues, “Obviously, without the substantial funding afforded by the corporates to their various offices, we have to be careful with finances We consider very carefully our marketing and promotion policies. Whilst all our instructions are guaranteed a certain amount of publicity. we ensure that it is well targeted. and, above all. Productive Bridges recipe has certainty provided success.

As offering property conveyancing year on year their numbers of instructions and deals concluded has risen hey now are entering a new phase in the practice’s growth and say “while it is always tinged with sadness to leave a successful office, our new base will substantially improve our corporate image. and certainly be more ‘client friendly.

English Partnerships has supplied the land for development at a cost of £90,000 North Norfolk District Council is putting £116,000 into the scheme and £152,000 has been forthcoming from the European Regional Development Fund in respect of the Objective 5b programme after regeneration strategy surveys showed this size of accommodation was in most demand in order to meet the demands of Fakenham’s manufacturing business community A building contract has now been signed and construction is due to start in the New Year, with completion anticipated for early July 1998.

Neil Colvill, English Partnerships’ Senior Development Executive for the Eastern Region commented The town of Fakenham is the main provider of employment and services for a surprisingly large rural catchment area, and there is a clear demand for industrial premises here 1 am delighted that English Partnerships’ investment has enabled this land to be acquired for development and to provide a boost to the local economys.

The two units will be suited to manufacturing or warehouse/distribution uses, and companies interested in the premises should approach the Economic Development Unit at North Norfolks.



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The contract with builders Draper and Nichols marks another important step in the regeneration of Fakenharn as a whole It is hoped the new factory space will give Fakenham’s economy a boost, while complementing the work being done to preserve and enhance the town’s character.


Land Securities has passed the first hurdle in achieving its aim to redevelop a 2.5 acre site for leisure use in the heart of Newcastle which will now be referred to the Department of the Environment Land Securities’ director John Maynard is confident of the outcome. “We are very pleased with the Council’s decision We have worked very closely with the Council and English Partnerships to make it happen,” he said.

The scheme will provide some 19,230 sq m (207,000 sq ft) of mainly leisure space on ground, first and second floors, and parking for 400 cars at basement and lower basement levels We hope to start on the new scheme in the middle of 1998 with completion early in the Millennium” adds John Maynard Land Securities’ architects for the scheme are William Gower Partnership, and Rapleys are the letting agents the conveyancing property.

Royal Quays in North Shields and South Shields Riverside are to receive investments totalling more than £12 million from English Partnerships, the govemment-sponsored urban regeneration agency for England Almost £2.8 million has been earmarked for a package of civil engineering and environmental improvement works at East Quayside to create development sites for a hotel and housing.

English Partnerships will also invest £2.1 million to complete the reclamation of the Albert Edward Dock at Royal Quays Announcing the investment package, the Minister said The transformation of the River Tyne over the last 10 or so years has been remarkable. The fact that this work will continue and new development sites will be made available is very good news.

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English Partnerships is committed to investing over £20 million in finalising TADC’s flagship schemes which will provide tremendous economic and environmental benefits for people living and working in these areas These schemes will be fully integrated with existing area regeneration strategies, and will ensure that the North East is home to some of the finest examples of wholescale urban regeneration in the country We wish our successors.

English Partnerships and four local authorities – well and urge them to work with the local communities and businesses as we have done, to ensure the end results secure regeneration and not just redevelopment English Partnerships has also acquired TWDC’s landholdings in South Shields at Viking Industrial Park thus ensuring the continued marketing and development of the sites the Best conveyancing Price in Brisbane.

Has taken the final unit on the ground floor level, known as White Lion Walk at Castle Mall, Friends Provident’s 35,300 sq m (380,000 sq ft) shopping centre in Norwich The 175.8 sq m (1,892 sq ft) unit is due to open in early January (1998) In addition, Sports Soccer has increased its sales space by taking 1 89.8 sq m (2,043 sq ft) on the first floor level.

Hughes TV & Audio has been secured on a 15 year lease with 5 yearly upward only rent reviews at a commencing rental of £62,500 per annum exclusive and is located next to Volume One and Superdrug at the Spoils and Argos end of the Mall.

This is Hughes TV & Audio’s fifth outlet in the Norwich area. Hughes has 35 outlets in total, making it the country’s largest independent in-town electrical retailer selling a variety of goods from televisions and stereos to microwaves and washing machines.

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Francis Darrah, of retained agents Smith-Woolley, comments, Hughes has been steadily expanding over the past ten years, improving the quality, location and size with each new outlet, and this latest shop at Castle Mall is no exception Hughes TV & Audio is well-known in the Norwich area, and the company believes the new outlet is in an ideal position to maximise its sales potential.


Sports Soccer has taken a new 15 year overriding lease at a rental of £135,000 per annum exclusive It has 50 units nation-wide and sells a full range of sports merchandise from clothes and trainers to sports equipment like Low cost conveyancing Sydney Sports Soccer has been very pleased with trading levels at its existing unit and was very keen to expand within the centre to capitalise on this Smith-Woolley represented Hughes TV & Audio, and Healey & Baker represented Sports Soccer in its negotiations.

The property arm of the Allied Domecq pension fund has confirmed retailers’ continuing interest in the 325,000 sq ft scheme Birthdays, Thorntons and Flight Centre have all signed up for units in the centre – which is currently celebrating its fifth year.

Card and gift retailer Birthdays has taken Unit 34, located on the Upper Concourse close to Next and Monsoon which provides 1,281 sq ft (119 sq m) of trading space The unit provides 356 sq ft (33.1 sq m) and has been taken on a 15 year lease at a rent of £15,000 per annum.

Finally, Belgian chocolatiers Thorntons has taken Unit 51 A on the Upper Concourse alongside top retailers Marks & Spencer, Bay Trading and River Island. The 460 sq ft (43 sq m) unit has been let on a 10 year lease at a rent of £30,000 per annum Letting agents for The Peacocks are Daigleish & Co and Gooch Cunliffe Whale.

Retail chain stores Sports Soccer and Superdrug are moving into and around The Chequers Centre, Superdrug, already well established in the centre, is relocating to a new, larger unit on the Upper Mall level The retailer has taken a 15-year lease at £145,000 per annum for a store comprising 511 sq m (5,500 sq ft) of retail space with a further 204 sq m (2,200 sq ft) of storage space.